Ban poverty, not soda

If you don’t know what a quarter water is and you’ve never resorted to drinking one when in need of liquid & carbs because 25¢ is all you’ve got, or because in the environment you were brought up in quarter water (or, on rich days, Tropical Fantasy) is what you know … please don’t pontificate on the subject of inner-city dietary choices. 

Ginia Bellafante knocks it outta the park in the New York Times today: “The articulated goal should not simply be to create a population of poor people who are thin, but to create a population of poor people who are less poor. In 2010, the poverty rate in the city remained what it was 10 years earlier, 21 percent. ” AMEN. (Not to mention the poverty rate in NYC of children is 30 percent. Yes. In the 2nd richest city in the world.)

Quote and Blogger of the Day: Matt Taibbi rips a new one for David Brooks

In his blog piece Let Them Eat Work, Matt Taibbi shreds David Brooks (NYT) for asserting in the latest Opinionator Blog (with Gail Collins) that, “for the first time in human history, rich people work longer hours than middle class or poor people. How do you construct a rich versus poor narrative when the rich are more industrious?”

Matt’s piece is so good I had trouble picking what to pull out as my Quote of the Day”. After several reads I decided to honor this sentence:

If [Brooks] keeps this up, he’s going to make his way into the Guinness Book for having extended his tongue at least a foot and a halfp farther up the ass of the Times’s Upper East Side readership than any previous pundit in journalistic history.