Dear Walt

Dear Walt Whitman, on your 200th Birthday, some words back atcha:

I celebrate myself, and sing myself,
And what I assume you shall assume,
For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.

… 200 years old and as alive today — your atoms and your words still among us — as when, in your body, you lived and loved. Thank you for the many times you have led me to recognize joy in this life, the words you paint on the canvas of visceral connection to Everything, your spirit transcending time, across generations. Today I will close my eyes, take a ride on the Brooklyn Ferry and give you a hug.



Weather Almanac 2011: Major snow job preserves the stupefaction of Americans » Workhorse Politics

Weather Almanac 2011: Major snow job preserves the stupefaction of Americans » Workhorse Politics:

The biggest problem in this country right now is not the politicians. It is not the corporate barons. It is not the oil industry. It is not the generations stuck in poverty. It is not the rich. It is not the lefties. It is not the conservatives. The problem is not “Them” but, rather, You and Me

Heros of the Day: Zimbabwean Orphans

Nicholas Kristof’s has been reporting from his lastest African travels in Zimbabwe, and offers a hard look at the impact of a corrupt and totalitarian ruler on the populace. Recommended reading: “Young Superheros in a Hut” and accompanying slideshow.

These kids are my heros of the day.

They come from two families. Both sets of parents died from AIDS and the kids banded together to raise themselves under the leadership of the eldest, who was 15 at the time the kids moved in together.